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Product name: Blumea oil (FABLU)
Blumea oil is faint yellow to yellow-green oil liquid, with the special aroma of blumea.
Blumea oil information
Blumea oil is This prodcut is volatile oil, extracted from the leaf and stem of artemisia argyi. The active principle are Terpinenol-4 and α-Terpineol.
Blumea oil and terpinenol-4 and α-Terpineol can directly relax airway smooth muscle, the antigen, acetylcholine and histamine-induced tracheal smooth muscle spasm and asthma have a protective effect. Also has anti-allergic effects, inhibit the release of allergic lung sensitization slow reaction substance (SRS-A), and can antagonize SRS-A and 5 - the role of serotonin. Also has some expectorant, antitussive effect. No excitatory effect on the heart. For bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and asthma. 
Used in daily flavor for deodorant, air fresheners and fragrance of male cosmetics, in the medicine also has wide application (treatment of tuberculosis, breathing disorders, women's vaginal discharge, symptoms of primary dysmenorrhea, chronic pelvic inflammation, insect repellent, antibacterial).
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