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Product name: Terpineol (FATER)
Terpineol is a colorless thick liquid, with a pleasant odor similar to lilac. Very stable in alkalis and heat, but not stale to acids and not lead to change color
Terpineol information
Terpineol is a naturally occurring monoterpene alcohol that has been isolated from a variety of sources such as cajuput oil, pine oil, and petitgrain oil. There are three isomers, alpha-, beta-, and gamma-terpineol, the last two differing only by the location of the double bond. Terpineol is usually a mixture of these isomers with alpha-terpineol as the major constituent.
Terpineol is widely used for solvent for ethylcellulose, plasticizer for epoxy resin. It's suitable for making up lilac perfumed soap, cosmetics essence and perfume, also using in printing ink, appearance, telecommunication, pharmacy,etc. 
1. Solvent
2. Preparation of flavor
3. Medicine
4. Printing ink industry
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